Guardians of Bethlehem

Needs Assessment Plan

Latin Patriarchate in Bethlehem

Description/ Overview


Latin Parish in Bethlehem city is large and there are many groups and movements that are inherited from the parish, which they are the target groups of the projects that we are going to apply. This plan aims to precisely collect the needs of the parish activities and groups, in which we can help them in order to develop themselves, that is important to develop the whole community of Bethlehem city.

Father Rami Asakrieh the Priest of the Latin Parish in Bethlehem city, has gathered the needs from each movement and groups related to the Latin Parish. In which he is optimistic to assist those movements and groups in developing themselves. In addition to the subsidiaries given to the old and illness people in Bethlehem city without consideration of their parish or religion.


The Target Groups of this need assessment plan:

  1. Terra sancta Scout group.

  2. Secondary, University, and labor youth groups.

  3. Choirs.

  4. Apostolic movements such as: Leggion Marie (Women), Third Order (Men), Banat Mariam (Mary’s daughters).

  5. Christian Upbringing group (Kids).

  6. Family Committee.

  7. The old and illness people.

  8. All the Christian community in Bethlehem City.

  9. Poor Families into the Parish.

  10. The Parish students at schools and universities.

In this page, the needs and its description for the target groups has been divided into three categories: Subsidiaries, Extracurricular Activities, and Large Projects. As it is obvious below, with the total cost of each activity and project. 


In this section we are going to reveal the needs  of the subsidiaries for the targeted groups from the subsidiaries:

Medicare Subsidiaries for old people who are sick and have chronic diseases.

Medical Surgeries for old people and poor families who must do surgeries and they cannot afford the total cost.

Laboratory medical tests that poor families and old people must do.

Accompanying nurse for old people who need accompany in every move. 

University fees for 50 poor students of the parish

School fees for 100 poor students of the parish

Vocational training fees  for youth who still at school or at the vocational training process.

MA, PHD scholarships in outside countries.

Basic food and clothes coupons for poor families

Large Projects


This category is oriented to the whole Bethlehem Christian Community Members belong to the Latin Parish, which is related to two main groups that are the Catholic Action Center and the Church. As following:

Catholic Action Center

  • Renovation the Catholic Action Center of Bethlehem.

  • Rehabilitation of the Kitchens.  

  • Equip the Halls with multi uses Projectors, LCD, and Sound Systems.

  • GYM Equipment.          

  • Renovation and covering the Pool        

St. Catherine Church

  • Sound system   Microphones, Speakers.       

  • Heating and Cooling Systems   

  • Lighting System  for the whole church.   


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